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6/3/2019: Added to Mana's gallery.
2/3/2019: Added page for Mana.
1/9/2019: Added 'scroll to top' sprite. Added to Yuuko's gallery.
1/8/2019: Opened site to replace tumblr page. RIP tumblr. Added pages for Yuuko and Heart.

Hello, Hero here. This will be the homepage for my character artwork for the time being. I only started uploading artwork in 2018, so I am still learning a lot and trying to find my style. I draw both SFW and NSFW, fanart and original works. I draw too much futanari. Follow my twitter @futahero to keep up to date with my art.
I'm intending to draw a series of original comics based on a fantasy RPG setting. More information about the characters I'm planning can be found below.

Original Characters
Futa Fantasy RPG Characters (click for more)

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